Greetings! I’m sodacorsair, a fellow still not to figure out which direction to advance. By far working as a developer in Soochow, previously studied in Canton.

Reading #

I love reading but find there’s not much time left for that now, as a juvenile I used to read lots of readings mainly including sci-fi, social science, history, natural science and so forth. If you want me to recommend a book, I’d like say Guns, Germs, and Steel would be a quite good best-seller in Anthropology. I read fewer novels, such as fantasy like The Lord of the Rings and magic realism works written by Calvino, Márquez, etc.

Manga #

Manga is also a hobby ogrinated from senior school. Iwaaki Hitoshi, Satoshi Mizukami, Junji Ito, Hiromu Arakawa, Shuzo Oshimi, and so many other manga authors I couldn’t remember currently. I have no such fever for specific comic or mangaka. Recently Attcking Titan I think is not bad.

Games #

I don’t spend much time on games now. I’m a fan of Totalwar series, and used to play RTS like games before(and I’m excited that Age of Empires series is remade). I also play some RPG like Witcher III.